How it works: Your child will receive a Kids Club card and some vouchers for their dentist to sign. Have your
kiddo bring their Kids Club card with them to every appointment so that they can receive their hard earned

Kids Club members can earn stamps by:

  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene (no plaque and no swollen gums) +1 stamp
  • Having no loose or broken brackets, wires and/or appliances +1 stamp
  • Great cooperation with elastics and/or appliances +1 stamp
  • Liking the West Loop Ortho Facebook page or following us on Instagram +1 stamp
  • Referring a friend to our office +2 stamps
  • Checking in at West Loop Ortho on Facebook +2 stamps

Because keeping your smile clean and healthy is such an important part of orthodontic care, we recommend
your child visits their dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning. Have their dentist or hygienist sign
these vouchers. Bring them to your kiddo’s next appointment with us and we’ll reward them with stamps!

  • Exam and cleaning (voucher signed) +1 stamp
  • No cavities (voucher signed) +1 stamp


  • Program applies to kiddos who currently need or will need treatment
    in the future (observation).
  • Stamp(s) can only be rewarded at regular scheduled appointments
    (not emergency appointments).
  • Gift cards and/or stamps are not redeemable for cash.
  • Stamp values and prizes may change.


You’ll get to pick out a fun prize once you earn seven stamps! You can
redeem your card at any time. Bring your Kids Club card in with you
to your appointment, and ask the front desk to help you redeem a prize.